The President of CIP, António Saraiva, received a delegation from CCILM – Portuguese-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry composed of: Eduardo Serra Jorge, President; Eng. Miguel Gomes da Costa, Co-founder and President of the General Assembly; Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada, Co-founder Vice-President and José Araújo, Co-founder and General Treasurer. The agenda items included: the possible partnerships to be established between CIP and CCILM and news regarding the economic relationship between Portugal and Mexico.

With about 130.3 million inhabitants, Mexico is the 2nd most populous country in Latin America and the second largest economy in the region, ranking 15th worldwide. It is a very open economy and firmly integrated into the US economy, which makes it very vulnerable to the cycles of that market.

The market continues to present business opportunities for Portuguese companies in various sectors, mainly machinery and equipment for industry, automotive (molds and components), aeronautics, medical devices, technologies, circular economy solutions and environmental protection, food and beverages, home and fashion, robotics, technification and modernisation of the agricultural and agri-food sector, forestry, water treatment and irrigation.