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Promova Project CIP

In the context of the European Economic-Area Financial Mechanism, EEA Grants 2014-2021, the 3 donor countries – Island, Liechtenstein and Norway – finance projects and initiatives in 15 European Union’s member states, aiming at reducing social and economic disparities in Europe and to strengthen bilateral relations between donor and beneficiary countries.

The Programme “reconciliation and gender equality” is one of such initiatives, aiming at promoting greater balance in inequality situations that still persist. The Portuguese Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG) is the managing entity, in partnership with the Norwegian Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud (LDO), which is a partner entity from Norway.

The Project Promova is developed as part of a Predefined Project (PDP) of the Program managed by CIG and is financed by the EEA Grants. CIP’s Project Promova was based on the Proyecto Promociona, developed by the Spanish Confederation of Business (CEOE).

The aim of this project is to identify and to develop talent in women with the potential for leadership, by fostering professional promotions in managing top positions within companies, and therefore reducing gender gaps. We believe such initiative produces awareness within society and companies, and contributes to overcome barriers that still persist when it comes to women achieving top managing positions within companies.



Participating Companies

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To foster the access of highly qualified women to executive positions in private organizations.

To strengthen the knowledge and skills of women who aim at achieving positions involving greater responsibility and impact, by supporting them to become inspiring leaders with the capacity to produce innovative changes to their own careers and organizations.

To build a network that connects participants, but also the former with specialists and guest speakers.

To develop individual plans to achieve pre-established professional targets, and encouraging transitions to executive positions. To achieve this goal, each participant will be given customized mentoring.

To contribute actively for awareness-raising within companies regarding the benefits of gender balance in top management positions.

To raise awareness within companies, people and society for the topics under the theme “reconciliation and gender equality” in order to overcome cultural barriers that impede women to compete on equal terms for top management positions.


Senior corporate executives that will be the mentors of this initiative, and women aiming at achieving high executive positions.


The programme lasts one year and it includes multiple methodological approaches, simultaneously held or in sequence. Aiming at fostering competences and participant’s performance, the programme focuses not only on cognitive dimensions, but also stresses the belief systems and behaviours through: case-studies, theoretical classes, simulation exercises, role-playing, debates, seminars with senior corporate executives (Master Classes), digital platform, leadership competence’s assessment, executive coaching, mentoring.


The programme contemplates 12 days of training over seven months* (the sessions will take place during 3 consecutive days per month), divided into three modules:

Module 1 (3 days)

PURPOSE – Vision and self-knowledge

Module 2 (3 days)

TRANFORMATION – where (and how) to add value

Module 3 (3 + 3 days)

IMPACT– On strategy, business, leadership and onto the future


Before the Programme

  • Assessment (Leadership Compass 360º)
  • Online survey


After the Programme

  • Leadership Compass 360º
  • Mentoring

The Promova Project complements the executive training with other equally important activities for the participant’s professional development, aiming at facilitating women access to professional networks.


COACHING (6 hours)

Before the course begins, participants will carry out a 360º evaluation that will serve as the coaching sessions’ basis. In these sessions the participants will set their own individual development plan, according to individual objectives.



Each participant will be given their own mentor that will be a senior corporate executive from other company. The objetive is to bring mentors from other participant’s companies.



The Project Promova includes many events and professional meetings in Lisbon. Although these meetings have different formats, they all have the common goal of bringing senior executives and participants together in different environments and ecosystems, aiming at creating networks and deepening professional relations between participants and senior executives.


Any company interested in promoting gender equality at the workplace and business women interested in the project, as long as their company come along with the project and / or supports their participation.


  • University degree or equivalent level of studies;
  • Minimal professional experience of 15 years;
  • Being currently performing a management position;
  • English language knowledge (minimum B2). In case you are not able to present an updated certificate, you would have to take an English language test at NovaSBE University.
  • Submitting a support letter from the company where you work.

Other positive variables for applications

  • Level of mentor proposed;
  • Other certifications;
  • Knowledge of languages;
  • Nature of the professional role you perform (number of employers managed, level of responsibility, hierarchical position within the company, among others).
  • Professional projection
  • International Experience