In the face of the meeting of ministerial delegations from the D9+ countries (the 12 European countries, including Portugal, which brings together the European countries with the best ranking in the Annual Digital Economy and Society Index – DESI), organized by the Czech Republic in Prague, it took place the first joint meeting with representatives of the BusinessEurope confederations of the respective D9+ countries.

During this meeting, the B9+ – the Informal Group of Business Confederations D9+, in which CIP participates, presented a joint statement in which we highlight the following recommendations:

  • Intensify Europe’s Digital Decade initiative momentum and national digital agendas.
  • Work with, not against, further digital and data innovation in governance and regulation, safeguard trust in additional digital opportunities, and lead this digital decade.
  • Work with like-minded partners to lower global barriers to further digital trade and innovation and leverage the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC).

The B9+ aims to identify and work together on opportunities to improve European digital policies in favor of companies and the competitiveness of the European economy, contributing, supporting, and reinforcing the work carried out by the Group of Member States in these matters.

At the last meeting of the D9+, which took place on 27 October 2021 in Luxembourg, the first joint statement of the B9+ was presented. Find out about the conclusions of the D9+ meeting here.