As part of a Nova SBE Executive Education training programme for the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services, and Tourism of Brazil (CNC), CIP, represented by General Secretary Carla Sequeira, received a delegation from CNC.

As the most significant trade and business entity, controlling 1/4 of Brazil’s GDP, CNC showed interest in visiting the Confederation to understand how it was created, evolved, and modernised in recent years.

During the meeting, Carla Sequeira highlighted the importance of Brazil and its organisations as Portugal’s partner, noting that Brazil was the 13th customer for Portuguese exports of goods in 2021, with a 1.1% share of the total (707 million euros), and the 8th supplier of Portuguese imports of goods in 2021, with a 3.1% share of the total (around 2548 million euros). The trade balance of goods was unfavourable to our country, showing a deficit of 1841 million euros in 2021.

An economic partner of great importance to Portugal, Brazil is a destination that continues to arouse great interest in Portuguese companies.