CIP participated in the public consultation promoted by the European Commission on the process of reviewing the rules applicable to the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH).

The national industry understands the need to review these rules taking into account the objectives of the Green Deal, to increase the system’s capacity to regulate harmful substances. However, by considering some of the proposed amendments, we are concerned that there is a severe risk of blocking innovation and industry competitiveness.

To develop and use innovative solutions and socially relevant technologies in the future, it must continue to be possible to produce and use hazardous chemicals as long as safe conditions of use are guaranteed and any harmful impacts to human health or the environment are sufficiently prevented.

The planned revision of REACH, for the time being, represents a paradigm shift from a proven risk-based approach to a hazard-based process where risk is not assessed. Investment security must be guaranteed, including a stable regulatory environment for companies.