The European Commission launched a public consultation until November 15th in view of the review of International Trade and Investment policy. The goal is to know how this policy can contribute to a sustainable recovery, the reinforcement of competitiveness and to face future challenges, based on European values and norms.

In this context, the Commission proposes a  model of an “Open Strategic Autonomy” which “simply means strengthening the EU’s capacity to pursue its own interests independently and assertively, while continuing to work with partners around the world to deliver global solutions to global challenges.” and “to continue reaping the benefits of international rules-based trade and exerting leadership in the international sphere, while having the right tools in place to protect ourselves from unfair practices.”

CIP reply to the consultation, focuses on the need of maintaining an open and global Europe, rooted in an extensive network of Free Trade Agreements, that promotes a level playing field for European companies in International Trade and Investment, and ensuring that products and services that make their way towards the EU are compliant with the EU legislation and do not distort competition.

Regarding specific comments, CIP focuses on priority partners, namely Mercosur and Africa; Trade Defence Instruments; Generalised System of Preferences; the interplay between Trade and Climate; and the proposal for the new instrument to handle foreign subsidies.