CIP welcomes the agreement in principle announced today between the Council and the European Parliament, concerning the MFF 2021-2027, which constitutes another major step to ensure the necessary tools for the EU to respond to the crisis caused by the pandemic.

This deal gives hope to accelerate the completion of the European Recovery Plan, including the Next Generation EU, which will grant a total amount of 1.8 billion euros for the upcoming years.

“This represents an important step so that the EU has conditions to overcome the challenges caused by the pandemic”, stated CIP’s president, António Saraiva.

“We appeal, now, that the following steps follow swiftly so that the available funds reach the Member States, as briefly as possible, so that programmes can be executed”, he added.

CIP considers that the new MFF and the Next Generation EU should be used to boost competitiveness and to promote significant advances in the digital and climate transition, as well as the adaptation in the labour market required to face future challenges.

António Saraiva concluded: “A big challenge lies ahead for Portugal which is to efficiently use the opportunities created by these new instruments. Therefore it is necessary that the government ensures the creation of the conditions for the efficient implementation, as soon as possible, of the projects and programmes in the Recovery and Resilience plan, so that is possible to face this severe economic crisis and we can sustain employment while maintaining a forward-looking vision.”