1974 represents not only the establishment of the democratic regime in Portugal but also the birth of CIP – Confederation of Portuguese Industry.

In its statement of principles, CIP assumed the advocacy of industrial democracy, based on free enterprise and leading to an effective market economy. This arised as an entrepreneurial response to the installed destruction of the free initiative and obstacle to private activity after April 1974

The new Confederation represented about 47 thousand Portuguese companies and defended the interests of the various Associations that comprise it.

CIP – Confederation of Portuguese Business, established in January 2011, is the achievement of an ideal defended by national businessmen and embodied, in its launch, by the most representative Portuguese business associations: AEP – Portuguese Business Association, AIP / CCI – Portuguese Industrial Association / Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CIP – Confederation of Portuguese Industry.

This Confederation seeks to establish itself as a strong employer’s structure that defends effectively the interests of all Portuguese enterprises, joining together both sectorial and regional associations as well as all Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Portugal.

CIP represents 114.566 companies that employ 1.541.539 workers and have a total turnover of € 105.208 mlions.



To be the most representative business confederation in Portugal, a strong, homogeneous and comprehensive associative employer structure, able to effectively defend the interests of Portuguese companies in Portugal and abroad.



• Represent the national business activity, with autonomy and independence in Portugal and abroad.
• Contribute to the progress of market economy and private initiative.
• Support companies of all sizes and sectors.
• Be the spokesman for enterprises and defend their interests and proposals within  economic, political and social fora.
• Defend the social dialogue as a tool for increasing competitiveness.
• Negotiate, on behalf of companies, with the social partners and with political power, both at national and international level.
• Be an agent of change in dialogue with civil society, promoting and ensuring sustainable growth of the Portuguese companies and of the economy in a globalized world.


Social Partner

CIP advocates the dialogue as a means of promoting the economic and social cohesion of the country.

With a seat on the Economic and Social Council, as well as  on its specialized committees, and on the Standing Commission for Social Dialogue, CIP participates actively in the negotiations aimed at implementing economic and socio-labor policies and legal frameworks favorable to corporate interests.

CIP is also a member of several advisory bodies and specialized committees.


Internacional Membership

CIP is a member of the main international organizations of employers:


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