The year 1974  did not only represent a new political cycle in Portugal. It meant  also   a new reality  for companies and their organization.

In July 1974, CIP – Confederation of Portuguese Industry arises as an entrepreneurial response to the need for promoting  and defending  free enterprise and private activity.

The atmosphere at the time as well as CIP strategic objectives were clearly stated on a public document:
“CIP was born as an expression of the democratic entrepreneurial vision/thought, by the industrials organizational capacity and their sense of responsibility, and constituted itself as a bastion against the economy collectivization projects and as the  defense of the interests of several associations aiming to assure industrial democracy based on free initiative and private activity.”

The new Confederation represents about 50,000 Portuguese companies, and   retains responsibility for protecting the interests of the various associations that comprise it.

In its statement, CIP assumes itself as a defender of the industrial democracy leading to an effective market economy.
CIP – Confederation of Portuguese Business, established in January 2011, is the achievement of an ideal defended by national businessmen and embodied, in its launch, by the most representative Portuguese business associations:  AEP – Portuguese Business Association, AIP / CCI – Portuguese Industrial Association / Chamber of Commerce and Industry and CIP – Confederation of Portuguese Industry.

This Confederation seeks to establish itself as a strong employer structure that defends effectively the interests of all Portuguese enterprises, both sectorial and regional associations as well as all Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Portugal.

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