Negotiations on the single market evaluated by BusinessEurope

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On the 30th January 2019, CIP – Confederation of Portuguese Business, attended BusinessEurope’s Internal Market Committee meeting, in Brussels.

The main topics discussed were:

  1. The European Commission’s Communication on “The Single Market in a Changing World” and the Annexes to the Communication, dated from the 22nd November 2018, COM (2018) 772 and the conclusions of the European Council of 13 and 14 December 2018 on the Single Market.

A fruitful debate took place, after Hubert Gambs, Director for Modernization of the Internal Market in DG GROW of the European Commission, presenting the above-mentioned Commission’s Communication.

It is worth noting that, in December 2018, the European Council invited “the European Parliament and the Council to agree, before the end of the current legislature, on as many of the pending proposals relevant for the Single Market as possible”, underlined “the need for the Single Market to evolve so that it fully embraces the digital transformation, including Artificial Intelligence, the rise of the data and service economy, connectivity, and the transition to a greener economy”, and said that “the European Council will hold an in-depth discussion next spring on the future development of the Single Market and European digital policy in preparation for the next Strategic Agenda”.

Lastly, it was considered that BusinessEurope’s strategic document Priorities for Single Market beyond 2019, from November 2018, did not require an update. 

  1. Assessment of negotiations on the priority dossiers for the Internal Market Committee in 2018


It was made an assessment on the negotiations’ results over 10 BusinessEurope’s priority dossiers out of the 24 dossiers. The results were compared with the objectives previous settled by BusinessEurope, namely the Cybersecurity Act, Free Flow of Data, E-Privacy, Goods Pack (2), Single Market Information Tool, Services Pack, Mobility Pack 1 (2).


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